Kids Trendy Clothes

Kids’ Trendy Clothes at Kidozi will never disappoint. Not only that all the items are made from combed and ringspun cotton, they are also stylish and very comfortable.

Our designs will never fail, always surprise and most of all, they are unique. These picks are something that cannot be found on the shelves of a clothing chain store. That’s not the end of it. Now, our Design Tool is also available. You can further customize any design and tweak it to your liking.

We know too well that once, sometimes twice a year, there is that moment, when you open the dresser of your kid and realize that he/she doesn’t have anything to wear tonight for the party. Everything is muddy, sprinkled, has a stain, or is torn on the visible spot. Well, it’s time to go shopping. Now you can do your trendy kids clothes online shopping while simultaneously watching that boring part of your favorite TV show. Every show has that part when you figure out it’s going to be a cliffhanger.

What we have in our store ranges from t-shirts, unisex tank tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, onesies, and even baby bibs. Check out our Baby Shower Gift Ideas or Funny Baby Onesies blog posts if you are trolling for a present. Also, check out our Funny Kids’ Shirts and Kids’ T-shirts, if you would like to know what’s trending. The list we made today is different and unique, as always, but it has that special touch of elegance for different occasions.

Read more for our top picks, and let us know in the comment section what was the greatest win on our list:

Gift Ideas for Kids’ Trendy Clothes

It’s your best friend’s kid birthday by the end of the week, and you know you just won’t find the time to go shopping. All of our items are delivered in 2-3 days if you are in the US. If there is a design you like, always know that it is available on a different product. If you think one design from a t-shirt would look much better on a hoodie – it’s possible. So, don’t worry, there is time, and there are pages and pages of interesting designs. Pick trendy kids wear with a click of a button.


Gift Ideas for Kids Trendy Clothes

Gift Ideas for Kids’ Trendy Clothes: Share an Adventure

If you know that the kid is crazy about RPGs, D&D, Gandalf is a very good choice. All they need is a gentle push of a true wizard to go fight dragons and giants in a faraway land. Make sure they know that a true adventure does not require full HD and newest gaming console. Adventure can be found in a backyard or even better, in a book. Yeah! That thing that can fit in the palm of your hand, and with a swipe of a finger, letters change. WOW!


Gift Ideas for Kids Trendy Clothes

Gift Ideas for Kids’ Trendy Clothes: RPG United

Let’s continue the adventure. This design is one level up, and meant for those kids that have already mastered the board, and barely got away with from that evil Rakshasa on the Woodland Heights. When they talk about it passionately, all you hear is white noise. They are so into it that they don’t even notice that you gobbled up all of the ice-cream right in front their eyes.


Gift Ideas for Kids Trendy Clothes

Gift Ideas for Kids’ Trendy Clothes: Black Panter

This is becoming the best way to start a conversation with a kid. Who is your favorite superhero? Everything that has a superhero reference on it is trendy kids clothes. Period.

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Girls

If you shower your girl with sparkles and strass while she is still wearing an onesie – you will have a big problem sooner than you think. All she will agree to wear in the future are trendy little girl clothes. So, be warned. Chose the amount of glitter and shade of pink with caution. If you don’t, one day you will find Honey Boo Boo on your sofa watching cartoons.


Kids Trendy Clothes for Girls

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Girls: Bombs Away

And all of a sudden it stops. No glitter, no pink, no genetic mutations, no nothing… Like princess gowns, tiaras and ponies never existed in the first place. Every girl goes through that Wednesday Adams phase. A perfect time for a t-shirt like this. Harley Quinn is the thing, because she is not a witch, but she’s crazy as one. She is not a complete villain, because all she does comes from love.


Kids Trendy Clothes for Girls

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Girls: Clever Girl

At Kidozi you can find tons of trendy girl clothes online. Our list of design is being updated regularly. If there is a new thing out there, we have something that has that reference. Jurassic Park is becoming powerful franchise that promises the action every two or three years. You better be good with this clever girl, because she will eat her parents for lunch. This is not that bad, since they have a terrible taste in music.


Kids Trendy Clothes for Girls

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Girls: Rock n Roll

This is a perfect example of kids trendy clothes girls like. The shapes of girly are there; pink, thousand hearts and sparkles, but a completely different meaning and vibe. This girl will turn up the music every time she gets a chance and go wild like she saw her dad dancing with a broom around the house.

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Boys

Choosing a hip boy clothes is less stressful than choosing it for a girl, or a husband… Not to mention mother in law. But let’s not dwell on that frightful thought and see what we have in store for you. This might be a balance of retro and chic, but it’s definitely for a special occasion. We all know that in a month or two your kid will be hanging from a tree in this shirt. At least it got you through those couple of parties, while it was still new and clean. It got the job done, and you got a nod from your mother in law. She crawls back in, always uninvited. Away with you, evil spirit!


Kids Trendy Clothes for Boys

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Boys: Nintendo Old Boy

This is how your husband got that scar on his forehead. He was walking and playing Game Boy at the same time. The saddest thing he remembers about all that is that it took another two months to pass that level (he was grounded), while his clumsy friend finished the game way before him.


Kids Trendy Clothes for Boys

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Boys: The Art of Africa

Design can sometimes be so mesmerizing that you can see the whole story behind it. This is one of those designs. There is a character, a story, and accessories. If you were trying to find others kids clothing websites – no need. You are at the right place for unique, out of the frame ideas.


Kids Trendy Clothes for Boys

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Boys: Music Man 3

Your boy may not get how hip he is right now, but rest assured. When in a decade or two he goes through the pictures of himself as a kid, he will be proud of how hip and trendy he was. Well, he has you to thank for. Just don’t tell him how his cheap trendy kids clothes actually were.

Funny Kids’ Trendy Clothes

As we said before, we already have a blog post which is all about Funny Kids’ Shirts, but these got something extra in it. This is not clown-funny, but smart-funny, fitting perfectly in the category of cute fashionable toddler clothes as well as kids trendy clothing. Funny is never outdated or passé, but it’s very difficult to make something that is funny to adults and acceptable for kids at the same time. You can always try out our Design Tool and make something even more hilarious.


Funny Kids Trendy Clothes

Funny Kids’ Trendy Clothes: Nutella Funny Food

This design can fit perfectly on a onesie or be on t-shirts as trendy toddler outfits. Are you thinking what I’m thinking right now? A pancake with slightly overdone edges, and a glass of juice? Thinking about it – why do we need to make pancakes and pretend that we eat healthy? That juice was a whole milk before. But as Gandalf said once, history became legend, legend became myth, and much that once was, looks like a glass of cheap juice now. I will say this only once – Take a spoon and go for it!


Funny Kids Trendy Clothes

Funny Kids’ Trendy Clothes: Ice Cream

Was there anything sadder than this when you were a kid? All of us still remember that trauma when ice cream was in your hand in one moment, and in the dust the next one. It can almost be compared with losing a piece of your soul to horcruxes. What is it about loss, sorrow, Voldemort, and my mother in law? Some strange train of thought rushes through my mind today.


Funny Kids Trendy Clothes

Funny Kids’ Trendy Clothes: No Drama Llama

Stylish kids clothes are nothing without proper sunglasses. If they don’t teach kids in school about that, I don’t know what are they doing there. If you want to stir the drama, wear a llama.

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Big Occasions

You don’t have to sell the skin from your back for something you know will be torn and stained in the end. Trendy affordable kids clothes are something you can find browsing through our website.

Kids Trendy Clothes

All of our products are designed and printed in the U.S. and they are made to last longer than regular clothes. Big occasions are perfect excuse to dress up the little people. They will soon catch up a thing or two in fashion and taste.


Kids Trendy Clothes for Big Occasions

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Big Occasions: Fiesta Like There’s No Manana

You heard it here! A birthday party is a perfect time and place for trendy toddler clothes. No matter if your kid is not the birthday boy/girl, teach him something. The way you dress is going to say a lot about you.


Kids Trendy Clothes for Big Occasions

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Big Occasions: Arkanoid Tie

Stylish toddler clothes always come with a tie. If the tie is not quite up to the taste of your kid, be reasonable – get him a cape and a cane with a silver lion head. A pocket watch will be a full touch of greatness. If that doesn’t work out by any chance, you can always come back to this evergreen arkanoid tie design.


Kids Trendy Clothes for Big Occasions

Kids’ Trendy Clothes for Big Occasions: Bridal Party Shirts

They will love you for it when they are older, and all the parents will get the joke. That brings us to the only sad thing about family parties. One parent always has to be the responsible one. We presume that’s usually you? There is a trick to it. If you mention your “bad eyesight” from those drops your doctor gave you – the party is yours. You cannot drive, your husband has to. If he’s driving, he cannot drink, so you have to. It’s all simply logical.

Summer Kids’ Trendy Clothes

When that noon get’s in his zone, you need cool toddler clothes to cool down the heat. Perfect designs for evening strolls by the sea or by the pool. You are going to love this design on your kids whenever your parents send you a picture of them. That’s right, they are not at home and you have a whole week for yourself. Say it with me aloud – I adore my children when they are asleep or away!


Summer Kids Trendy Clothes

Summer Kids’ Trendy Clothes: I’m Ready For Summer

Are you one of those parents who figures out after 10 minutes of driving that you are singing along with “Wheels on the Bus”. Then it’s definitely time to put your trash music on. They can sit in the back and stay cool in their toddler fashion clothes design. Let them cover their ears while you untwine on a road trip.


Summer Kids Trendy Clothes

Summer Kids’ Trendy Clothes: Melting Pineapple

Yeah, global warming is real. Good thing – there are still supplies of Oreo chip vanilla ice-cream.


Summer Kids Trendy Clothes

Summer Kids’ Trendy Clothes: Summer of Love

The groove is in the heart, and there is something really special about the 70s. Seems like they pop up every summer.

Kids’ Trendy Clothes With Animals

If none of this works for you, just go with animals… Plain and simple rule. There are pages of kids urban clothes design ideas. There are cats, dogs, insects, and chupacabras. You name it, we probably have it.


Kids Trendy Clothes With Animals

Kids’ Trendy Clothes With Animals: Bandana Cow Farm Life

Be original! It doesn’t have to be a Pit-Bull with an American flag behind him. Cows are big, beautiful, and don’t let them lick you. It feels like a sanding paper.


Kids Trendy Clothes With Animals

Kids’ Trendy Clothes With Animals: Sharkasm

They are too young anyway to understand irony, but trendy childrens clothes will get them a step closer.


Kids Trendy Clothes With Animals

Kids’ Trendy Clothes With Animals: Sloth’s Daily Life

Yeah, they move at glacial paste. Just like your kid when you tell him/her for the thousandth time to clean up their room. They are not even on the stairs, near the door.

What do you think of our list? Have you decided what should your kids wear for a special occasion? Are you ready to start creating your own designs with our Design Tool?  Follow our blog at Kidozi and be sure to check for new designs. Rest assured that you will never have to worry about size and the right fit for your kid because tables we offer are pretty self-explanatory. Visit us and find trendy kids clothes cheap, unique and fresh ideas.