Funny Kids Shirts

Funny Kids Shirts are the most searched items as the month of May approaches. You are probably tired of washing and folding the winter clothes. We all are!

Good news is you can move all the winter clothes under the bed, or in the closet. The bad news is that your kid has probably outgrown the old summer clothes. It’s time to go shopping. As kids grow older, they tend to develop their own style. Now you have a new problem. It can’t be just a t-shirt… It has to be a cool t-shirt, funny shirt, or something really unique.

Funny Kids Shirts

Don’t worry, at Kidozi we got you covered. You can find pages and pages of fresh and interesting designs. Most of them are available for all the products we have to offer: sweatshirts, hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, as well as t-shirts for kids and toddlers, and tank tops. We also have onesies and baby bibs, so you can also get the funny kids shirts – 18 months cuteness. For gift ideas, check out our Funny Baby Onesies.

Another difficult thing when choosing the right t-shirt is that trends are changing so fast. One minute your kid is a fan of one cartoon or a superhero; the next day, everything changes. But now, we offer you another experience. Try out our Design Tool. It’s easy and fun to use.

In order to avoid this kind of confusion, we are sticking to the designs that are trending or work all the time. Some of the designs become an instant evergreen. Go through our list and pick something that will make your kid smile.

Funny Kids’ Shirts Sayings That Will Make You Laugh

Kids still don’t know that much about sarcasm and irony. That’s a good thing because they will soon be in for a crash course when they get to their teen years. For now, they are still laughing hard when they hear a chicken-cross-the-road joke. Any of the following funny kid shirt sayings are a real crowd pleaser, both for kids and adults.


Funny Kids Shirts Sayings

Funny Kids’ Shirts Sayings: I Can’t Adult Today

You know those moments when you expect your kids to behave, but somehow, magically they don’t? Of course, you know, because those situations are still happening every day. They didn’t put a cap on the toothpaste, they left their plate on the table, or you always find an old pair of smelly socks under their bed. Cut them some slack and let them be kids. Soon you will have endless arguments about the philosophy of life.


No more story time? Have you given up completely? Great! Your kid is actually telling you – Go, get a life! No more funny little kid shirts, because they know too well that fairytales are a lie. Santa, ogres, giants, and elves are boring. Your kid needs a hero who’s from the gray zone.


Funny Kids Shirts Sayings

Funny Kids’ Shirts Sayings: I’m Lot Cooler on the Internet

Social media can be a nightmare when you have to explain to your kids how to use it. Most parents delays engaging their kids in it. They wait until their kids are old enough to understand all the dangers, precautions and vulnerabilities of exposure. The only thing that kids hear is a white noise coming from your mouth. After all, you are so old – you are still using Facebook. Well, you are still young – have a funny kid shirt sayings.

Boy’s Funny Kids’ Shirts

All the funny kids shirt for boys have one thing in common. They scream – RHAAA, as loud and as often as possible. If there is not that necessary hint of raw energy, games and things tend to get boring. Our t-shirts are made to last. They can endure all the acrobatic stunts of your boy. They will act as a cape, or a suit of a superhero no matter if your kid is approaching a flaming volcano or diving under the sea.


Boy’s Funny Kids Shirts

Boy’s Funny Kids’ Shirts: Cobra Kai

What you see as a funny karate kid t shirt, kids see as a treasure. How many times have you caught your boy doing karate moves while he thinks he’s alone? Many… Now you know how your parents managed to hold the laughter when they caught you doing the same thing when you were a kid. So, Daniel-san, maybe it’s time to practice that kata again. Cobra Kai is on the rise again and so is our Design Tool. It’s time for 80’s to make a big comeback with your help.


Boy’s Funny Kids Shirts

Boy’s Funny Kids’ Shirts: Ducking Duck

This t-shirt is one of the top-selling hilarious toddler shirts. Toddler boys love it because it’s colorful and funny. This design is also available on onesies and baby bibs and makes the perfect gift choice. Among all the ducks in the pond, this one has a unique point of view.


Boy’s Funny Kids Shirts

Boy’s Funny Kids’ Shirts: Frankenstein Monster Trucker

Bring out those wheels and monster trucks, along with the Frankenstein. Wheels – how big are they? Do they have spikes? Monster truck – how big is it? Does it have horns? Frankenstein – how big is he? Does he have spikes and horns? There are three things in this sentence that will get the attention of every boy.

Girl’s Funny Kids’ Shirt Ideas for Summer 2018

When it comes to funny kids shirts, girls are much pickier than boys. Boys can be distracted by speed, monsters, and superheroes. Girls tend to choose something sparkly, but up to a certain age. When they reach that certain moment in their childhood, no sparkle can do the trick. Therefore, you need to be more inventive. Best way to do that is to choose something that will make them laugh.


This is one of the toddler shirts with funny sayings that will make all the adults laugh. While they are laughing, they will calculate how much they paid for their dental work.


Girl’s Funny Kids Shirt

Girl’s Funny Kids’ Shirt: Boy Meets Girl Balloons

Another design from our store that is doing really well! Every time you pick an item at our web page, we’ll also offer suggestions. You can check out other designs from the same artist, or something similar. Something that has the same line, for example, but slightly different design. We also encourage anyone who has a creative vibe, to share their ideas, create custom kid shirt, funny lines, and more with our Design Tool.


Girl’s Funny Kids Shirt

Girl’s Funny Kids’ Shirt: The Tragically Hip

Warhol twist on the word hip. Give the name art to the object, and that object becomes art. This sound like something an adult will have hard time understanding, let alone a kid. Let’s put it in another perspective. You are so over trying to find something hip for your teenage snippy daughter. In the end, you pick a t-shirt that has a word hip in it. Put another hip toddler t-shirt in the basket, because younger daughter will surely like to have the same thing as her older sister. Mission accomplished.

Funny Kids’ Shirts Vintage Designs

What’s with the 80s lately? They seem to be everywhere you turn. All of the sudden, the time of bad haircuts and screaming makeup is back. Yay… Like one time isn’t enough. But, you are missing one very important point.

Your kids are getting older, and so are you. What seems to you as recent history, for younger generations becomes vintage. There are no vintage t shirts toddlers would like more, than your favorite childhood movie they’ll never watch because it’s just too boring.


Funny Kids Shirts Vintage

Funny Kids’ Shirts Vintage: Atari Logo Neon

If you were a gamer back in your days, you would probably get dizzy while you try to find your way through the battlefield on your kid’s console. That’s why old people, like you, shouldn’t go on a rollercoaster, attempt bungee jumps if they never did it before. Stick to what you know. Walk your kid through memory lane talking about E.T. game that was so cool, you thought you were in it. Just pray to God he/she will never Google it, because if they do – they will never take you seriously again.


Funny Kids Shirts Vintage

Funny Kids’ Shirts Vintage: Back to Sleep Parody

Marty McFly was an endless inspiration for you and your friends. It can become for your kids too. But to be on the safe side, get them something neutral. If they like the movie, as you hope they will, this will be a clear reference to a funny line. If they break your heart and say it’s boring like most of the things you liked – the irony is already written on a funny kid shirt sayings.


Funny Kids Shirts Vintage

Funny Kids’ Shirts Vintage: Masters of the Universe

They’ll have no clue who these weird dressed people on a kids t shirts are, but they will probably go along with it. If it makes you happy, it’s probably cool.

Inappropriately Funny Kids’ Shirts

When a kid is wearing something inappropriate, people usually think that it was a present from someone in the family. This is a perfect opportunity to buy the most inappropriate shirt and blame it all on someone else. Get the most inappropriate toddler shirts when you browse through our designs.


Inappropriately Funny Kids Shirts

Inappropriately Funny Kids’ Shirts: Young Thug Old Youth

If you ever attended those PTA meetings, you know how people can be uptight. Everybody is on the mission there, and everything has to be put in some kind of a box. If it doesn’t fit in a box – it’s a problem. If they see your kid wearing this, they will put you in a box, but also leave you alone forever.


Inappropriately Funny Kids Shirts

Inappropriately Funny Kids’ Shirts: Green Peace

Who says that the spirit of Woodstock is gone? It’s alive, it’s vibrant, and so far out dude. If your kid asks what’s this all about, just tell him/her that the picture represents an old Canadian flag.


Inappropriately Funny Kids Shirts

Inappropriately Funny Kids’ Shirts: I Slay

My daughter is quiet, well behaved, and emphatic child. She just keeps it all inside. She is mastering the force, and occasionally has outbursts of teenage rage. In those rare moments, a glass usually breaks, but bless her heart… Keep that rebel heart alive with funny kids tee shirts.

Funny Kids’ Shirts Cartoon Designs

Your kid probably has a favorite character from their favorite cartoon. Also, one of the best presents you can give to a kid is a funny cartoon shirt kids are crazy about.


Funny Kids Shirts Cartoon

Funny Kids’ Shirts Cartoon: Gus Gus

Gus Gus is a perfect example of a kind, gentle spirit that enjoys a gourmet meal. He should be on every fat kid funny shirt as a patron saint. Show him the food, and you’ll see the results. All of a sudden, that phlegmatic person sitting on a couch is becoming something entirely else with the right stimulus. If there is an ice cream in the story, you’ll get top results.


Funny Kids Shirts Cartoon

Funny Kids’ Shirts Cartoon: Kevin Minions

If you are looking for funny kids shirt size 6, double check because we ran out of them. Maybe it’s a coincidence that minions are about that size, and it was Haloween. Don’t worry, we restocked everything and you should be good to go.


Funny Kids Shirts Cartoon

Funny Kids’ Shirts Cartoon: We Are all Mad Here Cheshire Cat

It will probably take your kids years to understand what’s behind the magical world of Lewis Carroll, but he has a point. This is also another example of how a to transform cheap funny kids shirts into something unique with the right saying.

Unique Funny Kids’ Shirts

When we say that our designs are unique, that means there is no way you will find them on the shelf of a superstore.  This is going to be a perfect gift idea for any child, from funny kids shirts 2t and up to teenage youth. These are our top picks:


If you are looking for the most awesome t shirts for kids, funny sayings, and cool designs, you are in the right place. A throwback to 80s has never been so fun. They even managed to stylize that bad haircut we talked about earlier; put some mystery of D&D, and punk darkness… It works always – we are hooked.


Unique Funny Kids Shirts

Unique Funny Kids’ Shirts: American Shorthair Happy

We have pages of funny cat shirts for kids. This is just one example that can easily be printed out on a sweatshirt or a hoodie too, so check out our Kids’ Hoodies. We chose spring summer t-shirts and tank tops, but most of the designs are available on different products. You know best what will work for your kid.


Unique Funny Kids Shirts

Unique Funny Kids’ Shirts: Snorlax

We love the feeling of laziness and summer idleness that is embedded in this design. Relax, take it easy, and enjoy summer.

Make sure to check out our Toddler T-Shirts and Youth T-shirts, as well as our Newest Products, freshly designed kids apparel. Now you can customize further all of the designs with our Design Tool. It’s easier than it sounds, try it out.

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