Custom Kids T Shirts

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts are becoming a must nowadays. It seems like every child has his or her own peculiar taste. If it’s the right design, then, it’s not a good color. If it’s a good color – not the right design… And it goes on, and on, while the steam from your ears pushes through. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

No matter if you are looking for personalized shirts for toddler’s birthday, or a really cool youth t-shirt design, you can find all of that on Kidozi. Browse through, pick something you like, and it will be on your doorstep in 2-3 working days. We are making you experience better with our Design Tool. Try it out. It’s easy and fun to use.

You should also check out some of our previous blog posts about Kids’ Tank TopsKids’ Trendy Clothes and Funny Kids’ Shirts. You will get a clearer picture of what’s trending now, for the season of 2018. Find the t-shirt design for printing, and play with it on a different product. Every design you see can be on a tank top, hoodie, sweatshirt, baby bib or even on a onesie.

Our selection for you today is hip, cool and we were trying to pick something that doesn’t scream for attention. We were going for something subtle, and trust us, we know how to do our do!

Custom Kids T Shirts

Every shirt you see is made of 100% cotton. It is smooth and comfortable and it will make a great gift for birthdays, holidays, and many more. Below the picture of every product is a detailed size chart, which will help you to make a perfect custom fit. Read on and be amazed!

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts for Toddlers

Toddlers can be either incredibly difficult when it comes to dressing up, or completely easy and not interested at all. The trick is not to offer them many choices. It’s best if they can pick between two outfits. One or the other! Be strict. All of our artworks have their own story.


Custom Kids T Shirts for Toddlers

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts for Toddlers: Funny Darth Vader

This is one of the perfect t-shirts, custom kid’s size, cheap price, period. Your toddler might not know who this person is, but he can see that people are looking at it and smiling. You can’t ask for more. One day, when your kid sees a photo where he/she is in this shirt, all good feelings will be there. If a lack of heavy metal is disturbing now, who knows what will come next.


Custom Kids T Shirts for Toddlers

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts for Toddlers: Cute Dino

Dinosaurs are always a good choice. Why – because they are sort of unisex. Both girls and boys love the dinosaur print, especially if it’s something cartoony. Beside this design, you can find many more and have a personalized t-shirts for kids, cheap amazing deal for something quite unique. Your kid is going to fly like the Pterodactyl or run like a Dromiceiomimus. There is also a possibility that it will scream at you as a T.Rex when you least expect.


Custom Kids T Shirts for Toddlers

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts for Toddlers: Conductor Hands

You will play a tune your kid wants you to. It will either go without a tantrum or with it – big time. Strings are falling behind, and the winds go like a rusty squeezebox. And then, suddenly, high above – a toddler’s cry. One single note, just hanging there… Maybe you should have chosen a custom disc jockey kid t-shirt instead?

Funky Youth Custom Kids’ T-Shirts

Older kids are more reasonable when it comes to choosing the right outfit. If they are not a crazy, super fan of some comic or cartoon character, you are good to go. If they are, then their whole room is packed and themed with his/her superhero. In that case, be prepared to make room for all of it in the basement, because one day it will all be outdated in a blink of an eye.


Funky Youth Custom Kids T Shirts

Funky Youth Custom Kids’ T-Shirts: Cool Dog

Cool Dog on custom kids’ t-shirts is a must at one point. It’s a sort of transition from cartoony to something that has a funny line, but you still don’t know what that line is. Who let the dogs out?


Funky Youth Custom Kids T Shirts

Funky Youth Custom Kids’ T-Shirts: Adorable Sloth Love

They are slow, adorable and always smiling. Some might say that sloths are patient and they take their time to figure things out. They never rush things and they think about their every move. How lovely… Perfect representation of love on a youth t-shirt, custom made.


Funky Youth Custom Kids T Shirts

Funky Youth Custom Kids’ T-Shirts: Focus

This is probably something you will say to your kid a million times. Later on in life, you will probably go more like Walter White and scream at him or her – Apply yourself! Sometimes there is no other way, because, after all – This is Sparta! There is no room for mistakes and trainspotting. Make it sure they remember it on custom kids tee shirts.

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Custom Kids’ T-Shirts Combo

This combo includes tank top and a t-shirt. You can get a custom kids t-shirt, cheap deal, which you won’t find in a local clothing chain store. Every design you see can be on t-shirts for toddlers and youth, tank top and also on hoodies and sweatshirts. It can also be further customized with our Design Tool. It’s easier than you think. If you think you need something warmer for cool summer nights, take a look at this blog post about Kids’ Hoodies and Sweatshirts. You will get a bunch of ideas on how to customize the outfit for your kids.


Custom Kids T Shirts Combo

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts Combo: Sun

If you are lucky enough to live beside the sea, or a nice calm lake, this image is probably giving you all the good vibes. Sunset is probably the most fascinating occurrence, along with sunrise, that happens during the day. Next time you are with your family during the sunset, take a deep breath, appreciate that moment, and carve it in your memory. That is what will keep your spirit always alive.


Custom Kids T Shirts Combo

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts Combo: Panda Bear

Have you ever wondered why are Pandas so adorable? Is it because they are cute, round, Zen, or vegetarian? No matter which aspect of this gorgeous animal you look into, it’s all equally true. It would be great to tell your kid a story that goes with panda awareness. Animals don’t need to be cute in order not to become extinct. Panda is the most successful example of raising the animal awareness, but it shouldn’t stop there. It’s going to be our kid’s job to take care of other endangered species, too.


Custom Kids T Shirts Combo

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts Combo: Karma

This brings us to the end of the circle. Karma, awareness, and living in the present moment. The ultimate life’s combo; hard to achieve, but we keep on trying.

Unique Custom Kids’ T-Shirts

Our design list is constantly being updated with new and fresh design. If you are looking for t-shirts, custom kid’s cheap deals, Kidozi is the perfect place for it. Among pages of great designs, there is a shirt that will make a perfect gift, great surprise for your kid, family, or the kid of your best friend. Get something truly unique and special.


Unique Custom Kids T Shirts

Unique Custom Kids’ T-Shirts: Cherry Bomb

Everything is nicer with a cherry on top. Cupcake, cake, or an ice cream. That brings us to two kinds of people moment… you either belong to one group that saves the cherry for last. It tells a lot about you: you are patient, hard worker, and you are okay with making some sacrifices in life. The other group might be tagged as impatient and voracious by the first group, but safe is safe… who knows what can happen in next few seconds. You turn around and the cherry might be gone…


Unique Custom Kids T Shirts

Unique Custom Kids’ T-Shirts: Space Foxes

You can’t go wrong with this design. It’s unisex, fun, unique and perfect for kid custom t-shirts. Make sure your kids always wear the helmet when they are playing those good ol’ games of catch the axe or something…


Unique Custom Kids T Shirts

Unique Custom Kids’ T-Shirts: Choose Your Weapon

This is one of the personalized t-shirts for kids that like to play games. It’s better to have their battles with joysticks and controllers, then go and do something crazy. God forbid if they start with catch the axe game… Sometimes we are not sure where do they get all of these crazy ideas…


Unique Custom Kids T Shirts

Unique Custom Kids’ T-Shirts: Future Class President

Make sure you get these custom shirts cheap, because you’ll need a lot of them for the elections.

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts Tank Tops

Top tanks are the most practical item for the summer. They wash and dry fast, and are the most comfortable shirt your kid can wear on a hot summer day. It’s always best to have shirts in bright colors because of the sun, but you can customize shirts any way you want. Choose a different background and a different size. It all depends on your kid’s age or height.


Custom Kids T Shirts Tank Tops

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts Tank Tops: Black Cat Holding On

Hang in there! It’s the iconic poster tagline, and now it has a new groove. Black cat holding on her dear life from all the troubles of the world. Those troubles are screaming kids, dogs, screaming kids, loud sounds, and screaming kids. Never miss a good opportunity to get custom shirts for kids. Your life may depend on it…


Custom Kids T Shirts Tank Tops

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts Tank Tops: Michigan

They probably never heard the singing frog or saw the cartoon, but older people will recognize it instantly. Yeah, that includes you – you are in a different box now called – older people. This shirt will give you the illusion that some things are frozen in time, and others can never go out of fashion. Make sure your kid sings when he or she is supposed to, or you will end up as a guy from the cartoon. Crazy and washed out. Opportunities are not a regular guest.


Custom Kids T Shirts Tank Tops

Custom Kids’ T-Shirts Tank Tops: Astronaut Cat

How would cats behave in space? Probably the same. They are in the universe of their own, they look down at every other living thing. Occasionally they will indulge their slaves and allow petting. One thing can wake them up from their realm – screaming kids.

Trendy Custom Kids’ T-Shirts

This is the perfect time to get trendy custom t-shirts for summer. Unusual designs are trending, along with cute animals and funny lines. It makes them more unique, which has become a necessity of a sort, when you are choosing custom kid’s t shirts, cheap price, and good quality.


Trendy Custom Kids T Shirts

Trendy Custom Kids’ T-Shirts: King George the Purr

This design on a kid’s custom t-shirt is one of the top picks. Cats seem to have a special place in all realms, especially this one. Regal, untouched, and very commanding. Especially if you haven’t emptied their littler box the second they did their business.


Trendy Custom Kids T Shirts

Trendy Custom Kids’ T-Shirts: Gang Member

If you are looking for the best children’s t-shirt sayings, this is one of them. If you put this on a toddler, the joke is even better. Why not take this design in a bulk for the whole family and pick your color? You can be Targaryen, Stark, Marvel Crew, Justice League or something else.


Trendy Custom Kids T Shirts

Trendy Custom Kids’ T-Shirts: Triangle

Red, white, and blue. Perfect color combination for 4th of July 2018. Make sure this one goes with a bang, fireworks, and loud music. Those special moments are those that matter most. Make those photos even more special with youth t-shirts custom made.


Trendy Custom Kids T Shirts

Trendy Custom Kids’ T-Shirts: Lovedrum

Can you keep up with your kid, and the beat he is working on? Probably not, but don’t let that stop you. After all, there will be plenty of time to speak about your troubles in those parents’ meetings at school.

Did you like our picks? Do you have a creative vibe in you, and are you ready to try out our Design Tool? Can you see your kid wearing one of these designs? Go on and play with the color and design combinations and let us know how it turned out!